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Bring your production to new heights



Mediaverse offers lightweight jib operating services that are ideal for both indie and corporate productions. Indie filmmakers will appreciate the versatility and flexibility our jibs offer, making it easy to capture stunning shots without the hassle of heavy equipment. Corporate productions can benefit from our jibs' ability to deliver professional, cinematic visuals that elevate promotional videos, live events, and presentations. With skilled operators and a commitment to quality, Mediaverse delivers cost-effective jib solutions that don't compromise on performance, making us the perfect choice for productions of any scale.


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Meet the "JIB" Master

Derek Smith is a writer, director, and crane operator located in Marengo, IA. He has experience with sound, lighting, and camera work on set. As a 6 year veteran of the US Army, Derek was finally able to pursue his love of filmmaking upon his return home. After his first collaboration with Creature and the Creep, he teamed up with Cintree films, and would go on to found the production company of Hevioso Films. His films have been selected by festivals locally, and overseas, winning an Outstanding Achievement Award for his film “Fight Night” in Berlin, Germany.

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(8ft, 12ft, 14ft and 18ft)

Proaim Astra Camera Jib is so light and versatile that you'll want to make it an immediate part of your standard equipment set. Whether you're shooting commercials on location, music videos in your studio or sporting events in a stadium. Made of High-grade materials, the design is durable and strong supporting most productions.

Perfect for small cinema rigs

To ensure optimal performance and stability, we recommend using cameras that weigh less than 10 pounds. This payload capacity allows for seamless operation and precise control, enabling you to capture stunning cinematic visuals without compromising on safety or ease of use.

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